John McAfee Has Reportedly Been Released From Detainment In The Dominican Republic

He’s back.

Yesterday we brought you news that John McAfee was being detained against his will and was threatening to release sensitive information to the world and it looks like less than 24 hours later his threats worked and he’s now walking away as a free man.

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The news was posted via McAfee’s Twitter account – which he now seems to have regained control over – where he said the following:

OK? Doesn’t really explain the situation at all other than to suggest that the authorities have let him out. So what was really going on then?

Reports are coming in that McAfee was arrested on the north coast of the Dominican Republic as he tried to dock in Puero Plata. Authorities boarded his boats and seized a whole bunch of high calibre weapons and military props from it. Guess he has to defend himself from the US government somehow, right?

In all seriousness though, it is completely weird that McAfee is sailing around Central America with a bunch of weapons whilst simultaneously planning a campaign to try and become President in 2020. That’s John McAfee for you though I guess – never far away from the strange and unusual.

For more of the same, check out this documentary about his crazy life. He really is a character.


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