Gamers Are Angry At Joe Rogan For Saying That Video Games Are A ‘Waste Of Time’ And ‘Real Problem’

Is there any group that Joe Rogan hasn’t pissed off yet?

As usual, Joe Rogan has managed to piss off a section of the internet – this time by claiming that video games are a ‘waste of time’ and a ‘real problem in society’.

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Here’s the clip taken from his recent podcast with Spartan Race founder Joe De Sena:

I’ve heard Joe Rogan describe video games in this way before, though I couldn’t tell you on which episodes. I also remember him describing more than once how obsessed he was with the video game Quake back in the day:

Naturally, most people freaking out over Joe Rogan’s video game diss probably haven’t seen the above clip and are just reacting to the viral clip shared by Dexerto. They’re not happy about it though:

Naturally, someone just had to bring capitalism into it:

Well, you can’t really say Joe Rogan is wrong here. Obviously if you have the chance to make a living off video games like so many do these days – go ahead. If you like to play a few games after work or uni – go ahead. But sitting in front of a screen for most of your day isn’t going to benefit your life positively and that’s just a fact. And it’s the sort of thing Rogan would say on his podcast because much of his podcast is about self-improvement. I play video games too sometimes but that’s just to zone out – I know that it’s a complete waste of my time. It’s not like he’s calling for video games to be banned or anything, so chill, gamers!

Anyway, can’t wait to get my hands on Cyberpunk 2077 drops in a few months. That game is looking seriously good.


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