People Are Cancelling Their Spotify Accounts Because Joe Rogan Had Alex Jones On His Podcast Last Night

It’s all kicking off.

Weeks after Spotify employees threatened to go on strike unless certain episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience were removed from the platform, it seems Rogan has decided to show them who’s boss by inviting back one of his most controversial guests ever – Infowars founder Alex Jones.

Interestingly, older JRE episodes featuring Alex Jones have not been uploaded onto Spotify, so it will be interesting to see how they handle this one. Either way, here are some clips and some of the reaction online:

And so on.

I actually caught the first half hour of this when it went up on YouTube yesterday, and from what I saw Rogan and his assistant Jamie were being very careful to fact-check every single thing Alex Jones was saying, calling him out when he said something inaccurate and acknowledging when he got something right. Which is the way it should be, right? As opposed to banning/deplatforming someone which could make it seem as though they have information that the “elites” don’t want you to get hold of. Better to have them say what they want to say on a public forum, and it can then be dissected so that the truth can eventually rise to the top.

Not an anti-vaxxer by any means (quite the opposite), but even WHO and the UN have reported polio outbreaks due to dodgy vaccines:

The problem is of course that Alex Jones has a habit of taking tiny bits of real data and extrapolating entire conspiracy theories out of them, but if he’s being called out on his bullshit at the same time so that we can filter through the nuggets of truth, then that’s OK in my book.

After all, it turned out he was right about Jeffrey Epstein and his paedophile island, when people were calling him crazy all those years ago. Sure he might be wrong about more things than he’s right about, but how will we ever know unless we allow the man a platform to share his views?

Anyway, others were happy to see Rogan do his thing and not cow to the mob:

You can catch the full episode below:

Wonder what the Spotify CEO makes of all this? Last month he defended keeping a bunch of ‘transphobic’ episodes online after a number of employees complained. As long as Rogan keeps raking in $$$, I doubt he’ll be too bothered.


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