Joe Exotic Is Suing The Department Of Justice As He Seeks Donald Trump Pardon

This should work out well.

We’ve already had Martin Shkreli crawl out of the woodwork today for the dumb end of the year stories and now we’ve got Joe Exotic doing something completely stupid after he announced plans to sue the Department Of Justice in his pursuit of a pardon from Donald Trump before he leaves office.

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But what grounds could he possibly have to pursue this I hear you ask? Well, apparently when he originally applied for the pardon, the Office of the Pardon Attorney decided it immediately because he didn’t meet the standards for submission and this led Joe’s attorney to file a motion saying that the President didn’t actually look at his appeal. That sounds a bit stupid to me, but then I’m not a lawyer so maybe it isn’t?

Take a look and see what you think:

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This implied that the Office of the Pardon Attorney was not sending a recommendation to the President and instead was usurping the role of final decision maker on the pardon.

Joe Exotic seeks to require the United States Office of the Pardon Attorney to comply with its ministerial duty to submit a recommendation to the President of the United States regarding Joe Exotic’s application for pardon, so that the President can exercise his Constitutional discretion in determining whether to grant or deny application petition.

Joe Exotic, through counsel, requested that Defendant provide notice and a recommendation to the President.

However, such request was refused, and Joe Exotic has no other adequate remedy at law.

Therefore, Joe Exotic is entitled to an order compelling Defendant to comply with the clear, indisputable, non-discretionary obligation to provide the President of the United States with notice of Joe Exotic’s petition for pardon and a recommendation thereon.

I mean that seems like such a frivolous lawsuit to me? Surely everyone that applies for a pardon has to go through the Office of the Pardon Attorney before it goes to the President because there’s way too many of them and this is literally the function of the OPA (my abbreviation), to weed out the crap ones so that a very busy man like the President only has to consider the legit ones?

Seems like there’s absolutely no way that Joe can win this as this would be an established process that has been employed for years and that’s just the way it is? What an absolute idiot and what a waste of time, but I suppose we shouldn’t really expect anything less after watching that documentary. Guy doesn’t have a clue about how to operate in reality.

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