Joe Cole has still got the skills to pay the bills – on the pitch and on the stage.

Despite being named one of my ten worst signings of the season in January last year and frozen out at Liverpool and shipped off to Lille, it seems as if Joe Cole has still got the skills that gave us one of the best goals of World Cup 2006 and almost established him as the answer to England’s left sided problem. It also seems like he’s pretty good at karaoke.

Check out this video below of Joe Cole’s induction to the Lille team, where he awkwardly sings ‘maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner’ in front of his new team mates in some kind of canteen whilst they all clap along with him and try not to look awkward. None of them really succeed. Then watch as Joe Cole provides one of the assists of the season, picking up the ball around 30 yards from goal and effortlessly beating about three players before squaring it back perfectly in to the path of some Lille player to finish it off. It really is a sick assist and the kind of thing you might see Lionel Messi pull off and I’ve never really liked Joe Cole at all really because the first goal he ever scored in his professional career sent Birmingham out of the league cup about 12 years ago, so you know when I’m saying this that it is actually a really sick assist and worth watching. Even if Joe Cole seems like a dickhead and always has his mouth open WHENEVER you see a picture of him or watch him play.

Anyway check out Joe Cole’s new life in Lille below, looks like a blast:


He might not be as big a sickhead as Mattias Urbano but that is one mighty fine assist from Joe Cole, I’m sure you’ll agree. Does a return to Liverpool/the England squad beckon for Joe Cole? Probably not because let’s be fair, it’s unlikely he’ll be able to stay fit until say November.

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