Unemployed? This Job WILL Pay You £12,000 To Drink Beer For Four Hours

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The perfect job?

In what might be one of the easiest job offers on the current market, Carlsberg is offering to pay one lucky applicant to drink their beer for four hours. In return they are offering £12,000 for the hard work.

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The insane offer is part of their “Probably the Best Job in the World” campaign, which is in its second year running. The Danish brewer has doubled last year’s salary for the ideal candidate whose responsibilities include drinking beer and entertaining friends. They should see me on a Saturday night – I’d be the perfect employee.


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And if that wasn’t enough, the company has said that “zero experience” is required AND they provide you with a driver to transport you to and from “work”, although you do need to have 100% passion for Carlsberg (well that puts me out of the running – their beer tastes like watered down water).

There’s only one catch, and it’s quite a big one – the offer is only going down in Singapore. So if any of you live in Singapore and are reading this, you should head on over to its application website and put your name down. It’s worth a shot. It kind of sucks that they’re only holding this competition there, although there had to be some sort of catch. It just seemed too good to be true.


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Last year the company held a similar campaign which saw a social media manager winning the coveted job, taking home around £6000. Lucky mother fucker.

I might just up and move to Singapore after reading this – especially since UK pubs are about to start charging insane prices for a pint of beer.


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