Disturbing Footage Emerges Of Jimmy Savile Groping A Girl On Live Television

Jimmy Savile Abusing Girl

Unbelievably he was caught on camera on Top Of The Pops and nobody did a thing.

Jimmy Savile is obviously now known as one of the most disgusting sex abusers England has ever seen, and it remains one of the great injustices that he died before he was ever held accountable for his multiple crimes.

Throughout history, his employers at the BBC have always claimed that they had no idea that he had been abusing young girls during his time working for them. The report filed by Dame Janet Smith also validates this view, saying that she doesn’t think anyone at the company can be held accountable for the abuse perpetrated by Savile.

A woman named Sylvia Edwards has emerged though and challenged this statement, saying:

Of course the BBC knew what Savile was doing. In my case it’s even on video, for God’s sake.

I ran to a floor manager to report what the DJ had done only to be told: “Get lost – it’s just Jimmy messing about.”

Don’t tell me that senior managers weren’t watching the show and I reported it straight after.

Any adult watching that would know something wasn’t right. I’ve never had a personal apology from the BBC and I don’t think his other victims will stomach this report.

It makes you feel the whole thing was a waste of time and money. I’d hoped it would hold people properly to account.

You can watch the disturbing footage below, where Savile says ‘A fella could get used to this as it happens’ whilst he’s trying to put his hand up Edwards’ skirt as she visibly tries to get away from him:

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Horrific. Dame Janet blames the lack of accountability from the BBC on the fact that at the time of his abuses the whole company was engulfed in a ‘testosterone laden atmosphere where child protection simply wasn’t an issue’.

Hmmm. I suppose it was a different time back then but still, you would think someone would have thought that what happened in the video above simply wasn’t right. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case and we can only hope that Dame Janet’s report can help prevent anything like this from happening again.

If you need any more evidence of how sick Jimmy Savile was then read this.


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