Who’s the funniest dude in football? I think Jimmy Bullard may be in with a shout…

Following on from the post about Eboue being a right joker, I felt obliged to share a few of Jimmy Bullard’s finest moments.

I think Jimmy is pure class, anyone who has the balls to laugh in Duncan ‘Disorderly’ Ferguson’s face after he’s just knocked someone out is an absolute legend, simple as. Check out this compilation of some of Jimmy’s funniest moments:



Be sure to watch the below, Phil Brown inspired, goal celebration too… If you didn’t already know, a while ago then Hull City manager Phil Brown gave his squad a public dressing down at half time in a bid to turn the game back in their favour, it resulted in them conceding three further goals and adding just the one consolation, losing 5-1 to Man City in the end. Sure enough, a few months later Jimmy whips out this goal celebration in homage to the incident…



I’m sure it would grow a little tiresome if you had to live with him (or manage him in anyway whatsoever) but it’s great to see a quality player genuinely enjoying his football and entertaining the crowd.

If you were doubting his ability here’s a clip of Jimmy bagging an absolute beauty against Cardiff City earlier this month:


Here’s to you, Jimmy!


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