Jim Carrey’s website is even weirder than the guy himself.

I said last week that I wasn’t gonna let this website become a Jim Carrey love fest like I let it become a Charlie Sheen lovesite a few months ago but then I posted that dumb video of him declaring his love to Emma Stone. I just had to OK, you can understand why right? But now, when I saw his website I knew I had to write something about it because it’s one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. Well, in terms of websites. I mean, it’s no Space Jam website, but it’s still pretty special and probably more nonsensical than that. I mean the Space Jam website was funny because it hadn’t been updated since 1995 or whenever whereas Jim Carrey’s website is just plain weird.

The tagline to the website is ‘discover the eccentric, psychedelic corners of Jim Carrey’s mind’ and that’s a pretty good way of summit up the site, eccentric and psychedelic. It’s just completely weird. It’s just loads of freaky pictures of him and little animations that you can click on that do weird things. For example, if you wait on the homepage for two long this big robotic arm comes out of Jim Carrey’s mouth and grabs you and transports you through the sky into some kind of moon landscape for Jim Carrey. Once on the moon you click on a flying fish and it makes a chewing noise, and then you click on a silhouette of the Grinch and hear a soundbyte of Jim Carrey talking about the make up design in the movie.  Then you click on a picture of Jim Carrey in a spacesuit and he says some line that I don’t know the origin of. It’s a pretty neat time.

The whole site is like this with a variety of different scenarios – the satellite dish from the Cable Guy, a close up of a pupil which I think might be a reference to the Number 23, some rooftops which are maybe from Bruce Almighty, I dunno  – with a variety of interactions that I figured that there was enough going on it to make it a Sick Chirpse itself. It’s seriously impressive and you can spend a lot of time on it clicking on stuff, and even though ultimately it’s probably a waste of time, you don’t really see websites that much fun on the internet anymore so i figured it was worth talking about it. Check out Jim Carrey’s website here. This is the last time I’m going to mention Jim Carrey on Sick Chirpse for a while though, I promise. I’m away for a couple of weeks touring Europe with Let’s Wrestle so even if he does something it shouldn’t be too hard for me to ignore it.


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