Shocking Video Shows Jet Fighter Drop The Salt Bae Move After Ruthlessly Blowing Up ISIS

Salt Bae fighter Pilot


Salt Bae is probably one of the best memes/viral videos this year and still continues to be popular with the online community.

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Anyway, it doesn’t look like Salt Bae is going anywhere anytime soon as he’s apparently opening restaurants in both New York and London soon, and his myth certainly isn’t going anywhere as people are still dropping his moves whenever they can.

The latest person to do this is a Turkish jet fighter, who allegedly pulled out the move after he had just dropped a bunch of bombs on ISIS in a Euphrates Shield operation in Syria – although there’s no confirmation of this just yet. I’d like to think it’s true though:

Savage. Some internet losers have questioned why the jet pilot would have his navigation lights blinking during a bombing mission, but I’ve chosen to ignore them because it’s obviously way cooler if this dude is dropping Salt Bae moves after bombing the fuck out of ISIS. Cooler and also a little bit sadistic.

While we’re on the topic, have you heard that Salt Bae’s got a new rival? Check out the majestic noodle master if you haven’t already. It’s on.


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