Jessica Alba Is Begging People Not To Watch Her Leaked Sex Tape


So tempting.

Actress Jessica Alba has warned that if your Facebook feed gets an invitation to watch a celebrity sex tape involving Jessica Alba, don’t watch it.

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Although it seems legitimate and is oh so tempting, the advertisement is in fact a scam that tricks Facebook users into downloading malware onto their computers. Once it’s installed, the software forces web browsers to display aggressive advertising including websites that have extreme nudity and fake lottery tickets.

According to Cyren, the virus is spreading all across social media and is most deadly when used with Google Chrome.

When you open the link on a browser, a fake YouTube site is launched. Clicking the button, the video’s play button then brings up a pop-up window inviting the user to install a Google Chrome extension.

Basically, if you see anything online about a Jessica Alba sex tape, just don’t click the link as it might be the start of an embarrassing online scam and you don’t want that. As tempting as it might be to watch Jessica Alba going at it.

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