Jessica Alba Makes 2016 A Distant Memory With This Single Instagram Post


2017 just got better.

I know, I know. 2016 is done with and I’m sure we’ve all heard enough times about how crappy a year it was. So I don’t think there’s any need to go over that point again.

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One thing’s for sure though – everyone seems determined to make 2017 better and one person who is doing their bit is Jessica Alba. And how did she do it? Simply by being on holiday. Yes that’s right – turns out the actress has been holidaying in Hawaii and this cheers people up because it’s Jessica Alba of course. Not only that, but she’s been named as one of the best looking women in 2017 and the Instagram post below in particular has been doing the rounds:

Nice work Jess. No way you can see that and not feel good about life, right? Here are some more of her holiday snaps from 2017 to boost your serotonin levels:

For more on the wonders of Jessica Alba, here is the ‘behind the scenes’ footage of her stripping for her scene in ‘Sin City 2’.


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