Jess Glynne Says London Restaurant Discriminated Against Her For Wearing A Hoodie

Her and her friend were denied a table at Sexy Fish.

I’m not exactly a big fan of Jess Glynne – not sure if I could even name one of her songs to be honest – but her recent Instagram post about London restaurant ‘Sexy Fish’ denying her entrance for wearing a hoodie is too good not to share as it seems to have got a load of people riled up due to her describing it as ‘discrimination’.

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The post originally appeared on Glynne’s Instagram where she described what happened, but it soon appeared on Twitter which we all know is a way more toxic environment and as such, everyone started to call her out, either for not adhering to the dress code or falsely saying that it was discrimination when there are way worse forms of discrimination going on out there. Check out some of the best ways she gets dragged below:

I think those last two takes pretty much sum it up more succinctly then I ever could, I’m gonna try though. I’ve always found it a bit whack that some restaurants and clubs require you to dress up in order to get in because it is undoubtedly judgmental and indicates they only want people of a certain social/financial status in there, so I can understand what Jess Glynne is saying there – it’s just obviously the way that she said it was completely tone deaf so it’s no surprise that she’s getting rinsed about it.

There’s also the fact that although me and Jess Glynne are clearly no fans of them, dress codes are still a big feature of this country so to try and rock up at some swish Mayfair bar/restaurant dressed like that is just asking for trouble. You gotta respect the system and clearly writing a post like that to shame them isn’t going to do much to change it. Thanks for giving us a good laugh though?

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