This Guy Went On The Jeremy Kyle Show To Tell His Brother To Stop Going On The Jeremy Kyle Show


The Jeremy Kyle Show is a bit of a guilty pleasure. While Jezza is clearly a top dickhead (and some of the people that go on it look like they’ve wandered straight from the set of the new Star Wars film) it still makes good viewing. It is absolutely human-baiting, but it kind of makes me feel better about myself. I’m not perfect, and my life has its down moments, but… y’know… I’m not on Jezza, so it could be a lot worse.

John’s never been on the show, but his identical twin brother Jamie has. Loads of times. And people keep thinking it’s John.

Understandably, John is sick of the negative attention, especially as it wasn’t actually him. He needed to confront Jamie about it, and tell him to stop going on Jeremy Kyle. So, he did it in the most sensible way possible…

By taking him on The Jeremy Kyle Show, to stop him from going on The Jeremy Kyle Show.


In a move that pretty much defines the word ‘counterproductive’, John actually went on Jezza, to tell his brother to not go on Jezza. Bizarre.

It didn’t resolve the issue, however…

Prime Jeremy Kyle right there.

There’s been some absolute belters on Jezz over the years. Here’s a few of the best headlines:


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