Jeremy Kyle Hasn’t Had Sex In So Long, He’s Asking His Guests For Advice


Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Jeremy Kyle is often seen as the man who can sort out all of your problems, but the shoe was on the other foot today after Kyle was reduced to asking one of his guests for advice on how to sort out his quite frankly pathetic sex life.

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Jeremy hasn’t had sex since divorcing his wife in February and has worked out that it’s been nine months, three weeks and three days since he last managed to get it in. So when he came across some dude who was shagging around, he broke down and asked him for advice on how to get chicks.

He also revealed how big his dick was, which was pretty embarrassing for him too:

Oof. I suppose the dick joke gag did get a few laughs, but the one about how long it’s been since he had sex went down like a lead balloon. Awkward and probably true as well. Tough times for Jezza.

If you missed Kyle and his wife getting divorced then click here – it’s quite the story.


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