Jeremy Clarkson Dabs On Holiday; Tweets That Mallorca Is #Lit

Jeremy Clarkson dab

Has he finally lost his mind?

Dabbing – an annoying thing that kids do with their arms whenever a camera is waved in their face.

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Although you mostly associate this weird craze with children and dumb celebrities, now it has also seemingly been adopted by none other than ‘The Grand Tour’ host, Jeremy Clarkson.

Yes, Clarkson decided to tweet a picture of himself pulling the move and if that weren’t enough to make you spontaneously implode from embarrassment, he uploaded it with the caption, “Dab on it wagwan x”. I think he’s finally lost his mind:

Oh yeah, he also tweeted this monstrosity too:

It makes me think perhaps Clarkson has received the twitter version of a frape (a trape?) but the main suspect, his daughter Emily, has claimed innocence:

Plus that wouldn’t explain the actual dabbing – that’s solid photographic evidence. Perhaps Clarkson was simply taking the piss out of the younger generation, in which case that is the lamest dad joke he’s pulled so far.

At least he’s stopped using twitter to brag about his “success”… for now.


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