Jered Threatin Has Finally Released A Statement About His Fake Band/European Tour Controversy

Living is dying.

To say the internet has been enthralled by the story of Jered Threatin over the past week would be an understatement – I’m not going to go into it in depth here but it basically involves a metal musician elaborately faking his fanbase to embark on a European tour and play to nobody – but one man we’ve been yet to hear from throughout the whole debacle is Threatin himself.

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It’s understood that Threatin is camping out somewhere in Europe with his wife/tour manager and bass player Gavin – Gavin quit the band but couldn’t fly home with the rest of the hired musicians because he couldn’t afford to, so had to stay with Threatin to use his pre booked ticket – but he’s been strangely silent on social media during the days since the story broke. That was until Tuesday when he teased a fake announcement coming at some point yesterday.

Whilst many of us thought he might try and explain/justify his quite frankly bizarre behaviour, this was all that we were left with:

Wow. Firstly, that’s hardly a ‘statement’ and secondly just wow. It seems like Threatin has once again massaged his ego by turning his embarrassing shenanigans which literally everyone in the world is laughing at him/puzzled by about into a major win for him.

Yes, you can’t deny that his actions have warranted international headlines, but pretty much every single one of these articles including mine are talking about how much of a loser/weirdo the guy is. If that was the international infamy that you wanted then congratulations dude because you’ve achieved it.

Judging by his epic efforts to become a rock musician, I don’t think the fact that’s the butt of the joke is going to sit well with him. Fair play for at least trying to own it though I suppose.

For more Threatin, check out the entirety of his bizarre story here. One of the most unbelievable stories in history pretty much.


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