Jenny McCarthy’s Radio Interview With Tara Reid Was An Absolute Trainwreck (AUDIO)

Tara Reid Jenny McCarthy

‘Good luck in Sharknado 18.’

It’s hard to believe that Tara Reid and Jenny McCarthy used to be two of the hottest women around back in the late 90s/00s considering how grim and irrelevant they are now, but it was true and I’m sure every guy reading this had a few thoughts about them back in the day.

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Despite their irrelevance in popular culture, Tara Reid was appearing in the new ‘Sharknado’ film so Jenny McCarthy decided to interview her for some radio show that she apparently now works on. To say that said interview was an absolute train wreck would be an understatement, as the pair bitch at each other about the show ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ (apparently Tara Reid is on it to work on her marriage/relationship with some guy called Dean May), their plastic surgeries, their fitness routines, their marriages and their knees.

Tara Reid even starts talking to someone else during the interview, she has such disdain for the questions Jenny is asking her. The whole thing only lasts for two minutes anyway before Tara unceremoniously hangs up on her:

Wow. What a couple of bitches. Reid has said afterwards that she felt bullied and attacked by McCarthy and that it was really unprofessional, and I’ve gotta agree with her really. It seems like she was just making comments to get a rise out of her and although it succeeded, it was kinda mean. Still, people are talking about both McCarthy and Reid for the first time in years so they’ve gotta look at that as some kind of positive I suppose.

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