Jennifer Aniston Releases $ex Tape


Jennifer Aniston $ex Tape

Fresh from the controversy of having a new hairstyle that wasn’t really that different last week, Jennifer Aniston today released a $ex tape. Yeah right, of course she didn’t. Like Jennifer Aniston would release a $ex tape. If you clicked on the link hoping to see that the I’m sorry but you got Punk’d. We got ya. Sick Chirpse is a family website dude, get real.

In any case, she did release something that was labelled ‘Jennifer Aniston $ex tape.’ It’s a new advert for Smart Water which is apparently some really awesome new brand of water -I thought Smart Water was that stuff that those people came round to your crappy student house and put all over your stuff to track it down if it ever got robbed? – that tries to be all cool and knowing and hip about viral marketing by poking fun at everything that has gone viral so far e.g. animals, dancing babies, people getting kicked in the balls and, you got it – $ex tapes! Hence the name. Pretty smart huh? No, I didn’t think so either but there are worse ways to waste three minutes of your life AND in an unexpected bonus Jen is actually looking pretty banging in the video as she does her best Rachel Green impression. Again. Check it out:

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Of course, people seem to be missing the real controversy of the video, and that is that she is still sporting HER OLD HAIRSTYLE IN IT! OMG! Or is this just exemplifying the fact that the two hairstyles aren’t even that different, which I alluded to in my previous article on the subject.


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