If you’re going to get a new hairstyle, would you really get it the same day as Justin Bieber? And is it even a different hairstyle??

Jennifer Aniston sure picked the wrong day to get a haircut. Sure, ‘The Rachel’ may have been the look of the late 90’s but in 2011 is anyone really going to give a shit when Justin Bieber gets his hair cut the same day? Probably not.

Still, I used to have a thing for Jen back when Friends was funny (was it actually ever funny?) so I figured I’d give her the time of day and cover the story. She’s promoting another movie Just Go With It – in which she co -stars opposite Adam Sandler (sounds great already!!!) and is probably a romcom where she plays some kind of awkward woman trying desperately to fall in love – in Madrid and chose this event to show off her new style, which has been described as ‘a short bob cut.’

Um is it even any different? Is it even a new hairstyle?? Is this even news? No wonder nobody is picking this up when the internet is overloaded with people mourning the loss of Justin Bieber’s locks? She just kind of looks exactly the same, except maybe older. I would still obviously let her though.

It’s kind of funny because it just looks kind of like ‘The Rachel,’ which she recently described as ‘the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen’ and the ‘bane of her existence.’ But isn’t ‘The Rachel’ kind of similar to your new hair Jen?

In fact, who even cares? It’s not the 2000’s anymore and ever since Brad Pitt dumped her Jennifer Aniston has been a sad, angry old woman so desperate for a boyfriend that she even dated Vince Vaughan for a bit. You would think after playing all these idiot girls in romantic comedies she might have a bit more of a clue about guys in real life.


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