Jeff Lowe’s Wife Thinks That He Was Poisoned Hours Before He Suffered A Stroke

It just gets weirder and weirder.

Louis Theroux is set to debut his ‘Tiger King’ documentary in a few weeks and that probably means things are going to get even weirder in that world in the build up to it, starting with this story about how Jeff Lowe’s wife reckons he was recently poisoned before suffering a stroke.

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The story comes courtesy of TMZ, who said the following:

Wow. That’s a very weird chain of events isn’t it, but I kinda gotta ask these two why they’re letting strange/mystery guys buy them drinks. I suppose if he said he was a fan of ‘Tiger King’ and wanted to buy you a drink you wouldn’t think anything of it, but Jeff and Lauren were kinda painted as the villains of the piece so they definitely need to be more careful when they’re out and about. Surprised something like this hasn’t happened already.

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