Jeff Lowe Claims An Anonymous Letter Has Revealed Where Carole Baskin’s Missing Husband Is Buried

Gotta love an anonymous letter.

I don’t think that the saga of everyone involved with Joe Exotic and ‘Tiger King’ is ever going to be over as all the main protagonists keep on drip feeding us more clues about what was really going on and where the story is heading and here’s yet another one courtesy of Jeff Lowe.

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One of the biggest mysteries in the show obviously revolved around the mysterious disappearance of Carole Baskin’s husband Don Lewis, with everyone thinking that she murdered him and stole all the money. Jeff Lowe is now claiming that he’s been sent an anonymous letter revealing where Lewis’ remains were buried. Lowe shared the following story with TMZ:

Lowe said he received an anonymous letter in May 2020.

The envelope had no return address and was postmarked in Providence, Rhode Island.

Inside the envelope was a letter which read, “The corpse lies under Her House,” and was signed “The Faithful Witness.”

They say they also notified law enforcement in Hillsborough County, Florida, where the Lewis investigatoin is ongoing.

Despite requests by authorities to turn the letter over for examination, Lowe reportedly refused at that time because the producers of a second season of Tiger King requested he hold on to it until filming had concluded.

Now that production of a second season is complete, Lowe says he will be turning the letter over to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office so it can be tested for fingerprints and DNA.

Lol what? That does sound a bit stupid and given how notoriously dodgy Jeff Lowe is, it wouldn’t have even been that surprising if he had just written the letter to himself or something. Not sure if I’m buying it but will be interesting to see how it plays out on the new series.

Yeah, that’s right – the most important thing here is that I don’t think I was aware that the second season of ‘Tiger King’ had finished shooting, so that’s some great news. Hopefully we get to see that before the end of the year and hopefully there’s a scene where Jeff Lowe tries to exhume a body from underneath Carole Baskin’s house. That’s the kind of stuff I want to be tuning into.

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