Tara Reid Has Been Spending Her Lockdown With None Other Than Jedward?


Lockdown has thrown up a few surprises over the last month or so, but I think one fo the strangest revelations might be that ‘American Pie’ and ‘Sharknado’ icon has been spending her time indoors with none other than Jedward.

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Apparently all three of them struck up a major friendship when they were featured on Celebrity Big Brother a while back and there wasn’t anyone else that Tara wanted to spend lockdown with. Weird, right?

She made the revelations to We Hear podcast, where she said the following:

We’ve all been locked in our houses for months… it’s not easy. I have a small apartment, it’s two rooms so it’s not easy.

You’re always in each others faces, I’m doing so much business for my films and [Tara’s boyfriend] is doing business as well, he has mortgages.

It’s been difficult, we’re trying to make the best of it but we’re doing the best we can.

The other guys I’m also quarantining with are my two best friends that I’ve grown up with… do you know who Jedward is?

Right now to have them in my life here… they truly have made this experience so much better than it would have been for me…

I mean there are just so many questions about this really aren’t there? I’m gonna just roll with the fact that Jedward and Tara Reid are friends, but how are they her best friends that she grew up with? That makes no sense as they appeared on Celebrity Big Brother when I’m guessing she was like 30 or something?

And why did she think it would be fun to quarantine with them in a two room apartment? Where are they sleeping? Why is Tara Reid’s apartment so small as well? Surely she hasn’t screwed up her life that much has she?

Such a weird bunch of revelations. So strange how I’m even intrigued about what their setup is over there.

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