Jay Z Rides Subway To His Own Gig In Brooklyn

Jay Z subway

What’s the best way to celebrate playing 8 sold out shows in your hometown? By riding the subway to the show and causing mass hysteria of course.

Jay Z subway

So yeah Jay Z played 8 shows at the new Barclay Center in Brooklyn (Jay Z has a share in the ownership of the new Brooklyn Nets team which is going to play there, so I guess this is why he was doing it as well as the fact he’s from Brooklyn so he was having a sort of homecoming) to mark its opening, and for the last one he caught the R train over to Brooklyn from Manhattan. You know, because he’s a man of the people and even though he’s almost a billionaire now he still wants to kick it with the man in the street. He’s one of us yo. Although not really because this was the first time he had ridden the subway in 18 years.

Now, this sounds really cool if you just leave it at that but when you find out he was escorted by two massive police officers and plain clothes policemen it really isn’t that cool. Does Jay Z have loads of bodyguards and plain clothes policemen around him wherever he goes then or what? But yeah apparently he didn’t pay for his ride on the Subway either, and just waltzed right in and out of the barriers at the stations he embarked and disembarked at. Considering Jay Z has a net worth of $500 million this is kind of skanky – I mean the subway only costs like 2 or 3 bucks, and it probably means that his entourage didn’t pay either, so you know he was skanking the city out of a good twenty bucks or so. It would have been cooler if he had just paid for everyone to get the tube himself – something like that probably wouldn’t even cost him 0.01% of his fortune. After he breezed out of the subway a bunch of people kept following him and he stopped all the traffic as he walked over to the arena. Again, kinda annoying for everyone driving but it’s Jay Z and it’s cool so we’ll let it slide.

There’s some footage of the subway ride below and as you can imagine it’s just Jay Z kinda standing around looking awkward whilst everyone films him on their smartphones and asks him dumb questions like ‘what are you doing?’ and tries to get his autograph. There’s one pretty cool bit where it looks like he’s talking to some old woman on the subway (as you can see in the above picture) but whoever made the video decided this was the least interesting part of the trip and it only lasts about 2 seconds so you can get more footage of him standing on a platform being bombarded with smartphones or walking in the street with loads of people following him.

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