US Football Coach Attempts To Coach An English Footy Team

Jason Sudeikis Football SkitJason Sudeikis Football Skit

Jason Sudeikis stars in a skit about an American football coach who becomes the head coach of Tottenaham Hotspur and it’s actually surprisingly pretty funny.

Ok so this isn’t exactly a new premise but the jokes in it are legitimately funny so I thought it was well worth posting up here on Sick Chirpse. Basically over in America this year the Premier League is going to be shown on NBC – which I guess is kind of a big deal because that’s a big station and I imagine previously its coverage over there had been fairly restricted – and NBC have been doing A LOT of promo for it starting up.

One of their promo pieces is this short video starring Jason Sudeikis as an American football coach who for some reason has been hired to coach Tottenham Hotspur. The skit plays out exactly as you would expect it to – dumb American coach can’t understand football and gets a bunch of things wrong – and like I said at the start it’s all been done before but it’s done in a way which is actually pretty hilarious, although I’m not really sure how this video is going to make American people interested in football because it kind of just implies that they’re all idiots.

Check it out below:

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