Japanese Food Store Closes After Video Of Rats Browsing Shelves Goes Viral

It had 5 million views.

It’s safe to say that nobody wants to be buying or eating food from a place that has a whole bunch of rats crawling around it, so it’s not really that much of a surprise that a major Japanese food store has been forced to close after footage of rats crawling over all its shelves went viral.

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Over 5 million people saw a video of around at least half a dozen rats making their way around a FamilyMart store in the busy Tokyo district of Shibuya. The clips – which seem to be taken from the same store – show the rats scurrying behind items on the baked good shelves as well as running along the tops of a drinks refrigerator.

FamilyMart released the following statement about the rat infestation:

We deeply apologise for making (customers) feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

The store would remain closed while it worked with local health authorities to destroy stock and investigate the cause of the apparent infestation.

We will consider the possibility of resuming operations in consideration of the surrounding environment of the store.

I mean that’s the only thing you can really do in a situation like that really isn’t it? Kinda shocking that anything like this happened in the first place, especially in a country that’s traditionally as clean as Japan is. Really weird.

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