This Japanese Café Will Only Hire Women Who Don’t Wear Make-Up Or Smoke

Make up free cafe

Au naturel.

Japan is well known for its bizarre café themes which is why it’s no surprise that they’ve decided to open a “make up free” café.

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Called ‘Naturalia’, this establishment says that it will only hire women who go make-up free and don’t smoke.

The staff said that they came up with the concept after they were unable to find a café in Tokyo where the staff looked “plain and ordinary”. This is now the second make-up free café, after the owners’ original branch proved a hit in Hokaido.

Not only are the girls not allowed to wear make-up, but they’re also not allowed to have, “excessively dyed hair or garish manicures”. The aim is to promote the concept of natural beauty in a city that is “obsessed” with make-up, manicures and fake eyelid surgery.

It’s worth noting that the new branch will open in Shibuya, which is close to the city’s Harajuku area – a place that is famed for garish outfits, extreme make-up and fancy dress. So this café will be a stark contrast to its surroundings.


Kind of cool concept I guess, but no doubt it’s going to raise some questions regarding feminism and freedom of choice. Still, it seems like they’ve got good intentions so good luck to them.

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