This Japanese Bug Trap Company Proved How Sticky Its Glue Was By Testing It On Humans

Sumo Wrestler Stuck

This is like something out of the Saw movies.

Japan is totally off the chain in more ways than one when compared with England, and one of these ways is in its advertising culture.

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In the video below, you can see a truly great example of this. Some Japanese company that has manufactured a cockroach catching device that gets rid of those pesky buggers by making them step in super sticky glue when they are trying to make their way to a tasty treat, and to prove just how super sticky their glue was they decided to produce an advert where they test it on humans.

They picked three different categories of human (??) in a scientist, a sprinter and a sumo wrestler and set them to work trying to cross over a lifesize version of the bug trap. What follows can only be described as something that you might see in one of the Saw movies – only without the bloody consequences – as the three guys gut stuck hard to the surface and desperately try to pull their feet and arms off of it to no avail.

Geez I hope those guys managed to get off of that surface in the end, it looks as though it would have ripped all of their skin off the way they couldn’t even get one of their appendages up off it by the end of each test. Brutal, but I suppose I know now for sure that the trap is going to sort out my cockroach problem, and if ever I want to trap someone so they have no chance of escape I can just grab one of the big ones too. Sorted.

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