James Bulger’s Killer Jon Venables Has Been Refused Parole And Must Stay In Prison


I don’t think that there’s any way that you could argue that Jon Venables has led anything but a wretched existence for his entire life – not only did he kill James Bulger when he was ten years old, but he also recently found himself back in prison after a police officer discovered child pornography on his computer. The guy completely sucks basically and it’s not getting any better for him any time soon.

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Venables had thought that he might be getting out of prison after serving some of his sentence, but he found out today that he is not going to be eligible for parole for at least another two years. James’ father Ralph is particularly elated at the decision, saying the following:

This is the first time ever that the right decision has been made regarding my son’s killers.

I am so relieved because I was convinced he was getting out – just as he has done before.

He may not stay in jail for ever, but just knowing he is behind bars means children are safe from him for at least another two years.

Venables is listed with a life licence which means that he has to face a parole board every time he is released from prison and will be on parole until he dies if he does finally get out.. Normally, he would have been released from prison after 20 months for possessing a category A child abuse photos – which seems a bit lenient to me but I suppose that’s a whole different debate – but the parole  board decided that he still wasn’t fit to act as a functioning member of society.

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