Jaden Smith Just Announced That Tyler The Creator Was His Boyfriend Live On Stage

tyler The Creator Jaden Smith

What a cute couple.

There’s no denying that Jaden Smith is somewhat of an odd character as he’s always tweeting nonsense and walking around in women’s clothes and being generally weird. Or maybe he’s just too woke for the rest of us? Not sure.

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Anyway, Jaden has continued his strange behaviour by recently announcing on stage that Tyler The Creator was his boyfriend. There’s no indication whether this is just a joke between the two men – Tyler was also at the concert wearing a facemask and appeared to laugh after Jaden’s little speech – or whether it’s the real deal, but it’s certainly got everyone talking. Much like most of what Jaden says all the time.

You can watch the video below and read what he said below that:

I just wanna say Tyler, The Creator is the best friend in the world.

And I love him so fucking much, and I wanna tell you guys something, I wanna tell you, Tyler doesn’t wanna say, but Tyler is my mother fucking boyfriend.

There you have it. Following up on the shout out, Jaden and Tyler had the following exchange on Twitter:

Who knows? Despite Tyler initialing coming out with a load of homophobic slurs on his debut record, there has been speculation about his sexuality in recent years, He rapped that he had been kissing white boys since 2004 on his last album, tweeted about coming out and said he would go gay for Leonardo DiCaprio in a Rolling Stone Interview.

So are Jaden and Tyler bumping uglies? I got no idea but it wouldn’t be the most outrageous thing to have ever happened in Hollywood. Kinda hope it is true but am fairly confident it will never be confirmed or denied. That’s just showbiz for you isn’t it.

For more Jaden Smith, check him out giving another completely insane interview. The guy has been a wild card all his life.


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