Jacques Full-On Shat Himself On ‘Love Island’ & The Cameras Picked It Up

That’s disgusting (NSFL).

You would think that one of the prerequisites for being a Love Island heartthrob would be possessing the ability to wipe your bum properly, but apparently not for this season’s villain Jacques who was caught with skid marks in his pants in full HD last night.

Well I say ‘skid marks’, but it actually looks like pure sh*t?

Before you go telling me that’s Photoshopped, here’s the footage from last night:

Jesus H Christ. How do you apply to go on a show like Love Island without knowing how to wipe your bum? This is the guy Paige is crying over every night? They need to slap this footage on a big screen for all the contestants in the villa to watch because that is absolutely something you need to know about a man before becoming romantically involved with him, isn’t it?

Well anyway, sorry you all had to see that. The producers really need to stick a bidet in there because no one watching Love Island (4.5m viewers every day this week, apparently) wants to see that ever again. Cheers.

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