Watch This Jacked Up Lad Talk About How He’s A Tank In Cringeworthy Trash Talk Video

DAryl Warin

Don’t mess.

Trash talking is great if you can do it properly. The problem is that unless you’re The Rock, most people out there haven’t got a fucking clue.

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Case in point – this lad from Teesside who decided to film a message to some guy called Josh about how him and his mate are going to beat him up for some unknown reason. It’s basically the least intimidating thing ever and probably just caused Josh to piss himself from laughter rather than fear.

Watch out for the classic ‘I’m a tank’ catchphrase:

Jesus. Watch some wrestling promos or something dude, that’s not how you try and talk trash on someone.

Unfortunately – as you might have guessed – the guy in the video is claiming that it isn’t real and was in fact a prank video. Disappointing.

Here’s what Daryl Warin (also surprisingly his real name) had to say about it:

We do these kind of videos all the time.

It was a complete joke, but lots of people have been sharing the video and having a go at me.

I’ve had messages from loads of people, other people saying stuff about me, and people pulling up cars outside my house. It’s getting out of hand.

Some of the papers were saying that they felt sorry for Josh or that he should be worried, but he’s my best mate and I’m with him now.

You can hear us all laughing at the end and I’m laughing all the time.

I still think it’s real to be honest. Either way, Daryl should probably take some tips from the master and watch this video of The Rock’s best ever insults.


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