The Newest Member Of Jackass Got His Hand Ripped To SHREDS Doing A Stunt For Shark Week

Holy crap.

Earlier today we shared a sneak peek at Jackass 4 that promised the crew are just as crazy and game as ever, and it now looks as though they’ve got a new member on board who has got himself fully stuck into the action too.

Sean McInerney AKA Poopies shared a story on Tony Hawk’s podcast about how he got his hand shredded by a shark when shooting with Johnny Knoxville and the gang…


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As the Jackass crew have been saying for years – if you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough…

Poopies also posted some NSFL photos of the gruesome injury on Instagram…


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Gross! Although given he covered himself in chum and proceeded to wake board into an ocean full of hungry sharks, he’s lucky things didn’t go a lot worse. He’ll have fully endeared and proven himself to his Jackass co-stars with that stunt too, so that’s good. It’s also great promo for the upcoming Jackass 4 movie, where I imagine he’ll be involved in something even crazier and more dangerous.

Speaking of which – never forget:

For a look at some of the stunts coming up in Jackass 4, click HERE. It’s gonna be wild.


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