Jack Wilshere Gets Kicked In The Balls And Subsequently Gets Pretty Excited

Jack Wilshere

Did Jack Wilshere pop a boner after he was kicked in the balls in the Arsenal Reading match last night? The video evidence would suggest that he did.

So did anyone check out Arsenal V Reading last night? It’s kind of 50/50 whether or not I watch a Monday Night Football match, it kinda depends what I’ve been doing on the weekend and who’s playing but this week there was no way I was going to miss it. Not because i was particularly enthralled by the fixture but because I had spent the weekend partying my ass off in Brighton and sleeping for about three hours total (incidentally I didn’t find out if the Brighton Xmas lights prank was real or not)  and thus had no desire to move on Monday night and was ready to just sit on my ass watching whatever football/substandard TV was  on in front of me. Fortunately for me, it turned out to be a pretty decent game, but the highlight for me wasn’t one of the 7 goals that was scored, it was when Jack Wilshere got kicked in the balls by Jobi McAnuff.

Now, this was funny for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s funny when anyone gets kicked in the balls but secondly because it’s really funny when Jack Wilshere gets kicked in the balls because he’s kind of  a dick and probably one of the most overrated players ever, at least in terms of how hyped up he is and how little he has actually achieved at his current level. You can check out a video of Jack Wilshere getting kicked in the balls below. LMAO:

However, although this was awesome and pretty jokes it was actually what happened afterwards that really got me going. It might be because I was baked, or because I have the mental age of a three year old at the best of times, but it looked like Jack Wilshere popped a boner after he was rolling around on the floor holding his nads after the initial impact. If you check out the video below of him being led off the pitch it seems pretty clear that he’s got a boner by the tent like structure that is appearing in his shorts. Remember as well this was a pretty cold night at the Madejski stadium, so it probably would have been pretty solid to get a hearty erection that big without some serious work on the floor. Either that or he gets seriously turned on when someone kicks him in the balls. I don’t think that that option is that likely but you never know with celebrities as they all seem to have weird fetishes, you know like being adult babies or something?

In the second clip below you can see it a lot more clearly compared with the first one where you only really get a couple of seconds of him coming off. In this one he’s playing with his dick and trying to get it to go down and he just looks really awkward as he trudges off the pitch, probably because he knew millions of people were wathcing him all over the world and loads of dumb blogs like Sick Chirpse would be posting up stories about him the following day. Awkward. Check it out below and let us know what you think got Jack Wilshere so turned on. Is it even possible to get so aroused by getting kicked in the balls!?


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