Here’s The Moment Fake Drake Is Told That Drake ‘Doesn’t Like You’ And Is ‘Annoyed By You’

That has to sting.

Izzy Drake AKA Fake Drake is probably the most cringe person on the internet right now, doing a relentless job of milking his doppelganger status by performing at crappy clubs and telling anyone who’ll listen that he and Drake are buddies.

He even shared a video of himself FaceTiming Drake in which Drake couldn’t hang up on him fast enough:

Things got even worse for Fake Drake recently when he got kicked out of a strip club in Houston because the club owner just straight up did not like him:


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This week, Fake Drake got something of a reality check when he appeared on the ‘We In Miami’ podcast. The host was kind enough to play Fake Drake a clip of DJ Akademiks revealing that the real Drake told him personally that he “doesn’t even like you & is annoyed by you”. Watch below:

I just love how he took that big uncomfortable sip of his drink before he responded to that bombshell of information. I mean this guy genuinely thought that Drake appreciated the fact that there’s a guy running around emulating him and living a Z-list life based on his image. He also seems convinced that he’s on the brink of superstardom and that there’s even a 0.01% chance the real Drake will consider stepping into a boxing ring with him, let alone be seen in the same room as him. Unbelievable!

In fairness, I guess when you look that much like a celebrity you need to go all-in on it while you can. Might’ve been better off applying for a job as his body double instead of all this though. Then again, he might wanna hit the gym first – Drake is looking seriously jacked these days.


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