Ivanka Trump Allegedly Farted And Blamed It On Someone Else

Power move.

I think pretty much everyone has had that one awkward moment in their life where they thought they could let out a little fart without anyone noticing but it ended up making a massive noise and really embarrassing them. It happens to everyone, don’t worry about it.

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In that one moment there isn’t much you can do except maybe apologise and go really red and sheepish whilst everyone around you shakes their heads and thinks less of you. Or maybe just run away or claim it wasn’t you. Or, if you’re Ivanka Trump you could just take a leaf out of your father’s book and jcategorically deny that it was you and then blame it on someone else in the room without any real evidence whatsoever.

This is apparently what the former President’s daughter ended up doing 25 years ago when she was still in  high school and this incident has now been immortalised in a 3300 word piece of ‘investigative journalism’ in high end publication Vanity Fair, written by a former close friend of Trump’s named Lysandra Ohrstrom. She served as a bridesmaid to Ivanka at her wedding to Jared Kushner, so it’s kind of weird she wanted to write a really long diss piece on her, but it sounds like they fell out when she became a Presidential aide or something.

Anyway, the article mostly details with their time in high school together where they pretty much formed a ‘Mean Girls’ kinda posse that Ivanka was the leader of, obviously. The important parts of the article are as follows:

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One of the earliest memories I have of Ivanka from before we were friends is when she blamed a fart on a classmate.

Once she coaxed the other girls into flashing their breasts at ‘the hot dog man’ from the windows of their school.

Sounds like a really wild time. Kinda crazy that Ivanka had a relatively normal childhood considering who her father is.

Anyway, you can see the way that Ivanka was raised in her denial and blame avoidance of the fart. Not really that surprising I suppose but still pretty funny. I was kinda hoping that this had happened recently in The White House or something so it was even more of a ridiculous power move/faux pas, but I guess this is OK as well. Farting is always great content.

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