500,000 Viewers Instantly Changed The Channel During Katherine Kelly Sex Scene On ITV

Well that backfired.

ITV aired the first episode from its new series ‘Cheat’ the other night, but caused half a million viewers to either change the channel or switch off their TVs during one scene 5 minutes in.

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Katherine Kelly, who plays lecturer Leah Gale, pleasured herself in a school toilet while fantasising about shagging her boss.

But it turned out to be a bit too graphic and full-on for many viewers watching with their families just after 9pm, and the scene caused a massive drop off in viewership.

The reaction on Twitter included the following comments:

Thought this would be some good dramatic viewing for me and my mum and five mins in someone’s wanking in the loos, ideal #Cheat.

Watching #Cheat on @ITV few minutes in, two sex scenes, sitting next to me my 12 year-old Christ where do I look?

I could be 60-years-old and will still be embarrassed watching sex scenes on the TV with my parents in the room.

Pretty amazing that this lot didn’t predict sex scenes in a show called ‘Cheat’ that starts after the watershed and is about – surprise, surprise – people cheating on each other. Even still I’m surprised that half a million people were so shocked/embarrassed that they changed the channel. Although they probably watched it on ITV Catchup after they put the kids to bed to be fair.

Hopefully Katherine Kelly didn’t take it too personally:

To watch some behind-the-scenes footage of what filming a Hollywood sex scene is really like, click HERE. Awkward.


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