It’s Official – Fabric Has Its Licence Back


Absolute result.

The country was pretty much completely and utterly shocked a couple of months ago when it was announced that iconic London nightclub Fabric would be losing its licence and shutting its doors and countless people signed petitions and wrote letters in an effort to try and get the government to reverse the decision.

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We brought news to you over the weekend that there were rumours that Fabric had reached some kind of agreement with Islington cancel to re-open early next year, but we can now confirm that it’s 100% true after Fabric posted the following message on their Facebook page:

Wow. You know most of the time when something like this happens and a bunch of people campaign and sign petitions to try and reverse the decision and it never actually achieves anything? Well this time it worked out, so it just goes to show that nothing is final and you should never give up if you believe in something.

Completely pumped that Fabric managed to turn it around. Maybe 2016 won’t be remembered as the shittest year ever now.

Whilst you’re waiting for the club to re-open, why not check out some of the best photographs taken there in the past 15 years. What a venue.


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