Italian Actress Attempts To Do The Splits On Live TV And Breaks Herself In Half

Always make sure you can actually do the splits before trying them on live TV.

Lisa Fulco is an Italian singer and actress who goes by the stage name ‘Subretinna’. For some reason she wanted to round off an appearance on live talk show ‘MezzoGiorno Italiano’ by busting out the splits in front of everyone, just to prove she can I suppose.

Unfortunately it didn’t exactly go to plan:

Ouch. If you’re anything like me you’ve probably got a handful of your own balls/vagina right now. I mean technically she did the splits so we’ve got to give her props there, especially with that jump beforehand adding an extra element of danger and pain. Just so happened to break her legs and vagina in half in the process, but you can’t deny she pulled it off.

Naturally, the Internet had to rub salt into the wounds, meme-style:

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Splits Meme

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