‘It Comes At Night’ Has The Most Terrifying Trailer We’ve Ever Seen

It Comes At Night

Most anticipated horror movie of the year.

Some trailers just do it right, and this is absolutely one of those times.

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I haven’t ever heard of ‘It Comes By Night’ but it’s made it onto my must sees of the year on the trailer alone, and it doesn’t even give any information away about what the movie is even about really, yet it’s still completely terrifying. It’s just a camera moving ominously down a hallway whilst a pretty distressing conversation goes on over the top of it, then a bunch of quick cut scenes that don’t ease the tension even slightly and make the whole thing look way more sinister.

I literally watched this in the middle of the day and was absolutely bricking it, so maybe make sure you watch it with a friend and the lights are on:

See what I mean? Absolutely terrifying. I don’t even really want to know what it’s about, I just want to go and see it having known nothing about it now and have the absolute shit scared out of me. There’s so much dread in the trailer alone, I can imagine the tension in the movie is even worse.

For more horror movies coming out this year, check out Brimstone which also looks terrifying and is coming out this year.


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