Cross-Dressing ISIS Terrorists Caught On Camera Trying To Flee Mosul Dressed as Women

Nice try.

ISIS fighters tried dressing up as women in a bid to flee Mosul after losing their stronghold in the city.

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Iraqi authorities caught the militants, who had caked their faces in make up. One picture shows a man who had plucked his eyebrows, added beauty spots under his eyes and covered his face in purple eyeshadow and red lipstick. Only one problem – he forgot to shave his beard. Whoops.

ISIS disguise

The image of the man was released after he was captured by Iraqi forces in Mosul. Another image shows a man wearing a padded bra and thick wig. Again – he kind of forgot about the additional body hair.

ISIS disguise

These are the desperate measures ISIS fighters are taking in order to avoid being captured following their battle for Mosul, which ended in victory for the US-backed Iraqi forces. Nice try guys, but you’re fooling no one with those disguises.

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