ISIS Maniacs Shoot Down Fighter Jet And Leave Corpse Dangling In The Street

ISIS shoot fighter jet


ISIS are clearly getting more and more desperate in their attempts to intimidate the West and the people of Syria as they’ve decided to shoot down a fighter jet and leave the pilot’s corpse hanging out in the street like the barbarians that they are.

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The jet supposedly belonged to the Syrian army and was shot down in the Thardah hills, near the eastern city of Deir ez-Zor in the Al-Khayr province. Once down, the terrorists grabbed the body of the pilot and then hung him out publicly in the street, still wearing his military fatigues and helmet:

Pilot's Corpse Street

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Sickening, but I suppose that’s all part of ISIS’s MO at the moment though. It seems like things aren’t going too well over there for them with rumours of budget cuts within the organisation swirling, although this incident does come against the backdrop of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad accusing the United States of not being serious enough about defeating ISIS.

Let’s hope that isn’t the truth and they’re well on the way to exterminating this horrible organisation.


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