Someone’s Secretly Filmed What It’s Really Like Living In The ISIS Stronghold Of Raqqa

Inside Raqqa

Complete and utter oppression.

It’s often wondered what life is really like in the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa and whether all the stories that we hear about it coming out in the Western press are actually true or just propaganda.

Now though, it seems as though that we actually have some real life footage from inside the town, as two brave women used a hidden camera to film the true conditions in the city, even though it would mean they would be stoned to death were they to be caught by ISIS in the city. They wanted the world to know what their life was like though, so were willing to take the risk.

In the video, you can see that women’s faces are prohibited to be seen in the city – even if they’re on a packet of hair dye. The women tell of public executions and the fact that they’re not allowed to leave their houses on their own without a guardian. The city itself looks deserted – there are few people around and even fewer vehicles. It’s all thoroughly depressing viewing.

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OK so the narrator wasn’t that good, but that doesn’t hide the fact that it just seems completely messed up and awful over there. Of course, it could all be propaganda again as we don’t actually know what these women are saying, but it certainly seems like they would have gone to a big effort to create something that isn’t true so I think it’s real.

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