You Have To Feel Bad For This Muslim Student Accidentally Listed As ‘ISIS Phillips’ In Yearbook


A school has sparked fury over in the States after a Muslim student’s name was changed to ‘ISIS’ in its graduates’ yearbook.

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The book went on sale to students before anyone noticed the fuck-up, which saw hijab-wearing Bayan Zehlif’s name changed to ‘ISIS Phillips’.

The teenager was graduating from 11th grade (lower 6th form) and was said to be, “saddened, disgusted and hurt” that her name would be linked to the hate group.

Didn’t stop her Tweeting it out though – check out those Retweets!

Los Osos High School is naturally in damage mitigation mode:

Obviously there’s no chance this was an “accident”. If they had mixed up and called her Sarah or something I could accept it was an honest mistake, but ISIS? No way. You don’t just “accidentally” call a Muslim girl ISIS. Someone wrote that as a prank and whoever published it didn’t catch it or legit thought that was her real name and just rolled with it.

Or maybe Bayan orchestrated this whole thing herself? Think about it. She Tweeted that photo and got 3,729 RTs and counting. Everyone’s writing about her too so she’ll doubtless get tonnes more followers on Twitter. And what could be more important to a teenage girl than Twitter followers? Exactly. Something’s a foot here and we all know it. Nice try ISIS Phillips.


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