Watch This Desperate ISIS Fighter Blow Himself Up Into Pieces As A Last Resort


The last days of jihad.

It seems like ISIS really are on their last legs, and the recent invasion of the last ISIS stronghold in Iraq – the northern city of Mosul – by Kurdish forces backed by the US coalition would seem to confirm this.

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Footage released recently shows just how desperate ISIS are getting, as you can see in the video below. Coalition forces are closing in on one fighter’s hiding place, and although he tries to defend himself and shoot a few of them, he realises that it’s too late for him and instead blows himself up. He didn’t even wait until anyone was close enough to him so he could have injured them or taken them with him:

Yeah it doesn’t look like it’s going too good for ISIS over there does it? Long may it continue, although it sounds like it’s getting pretty rough for local villagers as one resident named Abu Mahir has said that the scumbag organisation has started using locals as human shields:

It’s quite clear Daesh has started to use civilians as human shields by allowing families to stay in these buildings.

Not good. Let’s hope that the city is able to be taken with a minimum of civilian casualties, although Barack Obama has said it will be a long and difficult campaign until the city is liberated. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take too long.

For more of the same, check out this video of an ISIS fighter blowing himself up with a rocket launcher. Smooth.


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