ISIS Are Developing Google Style Driverless Cars For Huge Carbomb Attacks

Google Driverless Cars

Will the car get the 72 virgins?

Jamie Shea, NATO’s deputy assistant secretary general for emerging security threats, has warned the world that ISIS are developing Google style driverless cars that will be used to facilitate terrorist attacks in the UK.

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Thousands of driverless cars are expected to hit the UK in the coming years and Shea believes that ISIS are looking at developing the technology to navigate through a crowded area before detonating an explosive device. You would have to think that that makes sense as it would pretty much eliminate the need for suicide bombers actually blowing themselves up.

ISIS Driverless Cars

Shea states that the terrorists have been working on the technology in their bomb making factory in the de facto Syrian capital of Raqqa:

ISIS are using their technical expertise to play around with driverless cars in a “worrying” development.

We are focusing very much on…Raqqa at the moment, where ISIL [ISIS] has its bomb making factory.

It is not just Google that is producing the autonomous car, ISIS is also trying to do the same.

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Well, that’s just the way things always go isn’t it? You think that after years and years of people trying to develop driverless cars, just when they’re about to be rolled out onto the mass market it turns out that they’re going to be used by terrorists to blow people up. Typical.

Still, with ISIS’s recent budget cuts, you might think that they might not be able to invest so much money into a non essential process like this. We can but hope, because I don’t think I could really take the idea that a bunch of driverless cars blowing people up might actually become a reality before long.


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