ISIS Are Calling On Their Supporters In Europe To Hurry Up And Attack

ISIS Fighters

Be vigilant.

It seems like ISIS have been getting more and more desperate over the past few months, as their commanders have been killed and serious inroads seem to have been made by the West into their strongholds in Syria, and this recent announcement posted on their messaging app Telegram seems to confirm this.

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At least a dozen ISIS related closed groups on the app have circulated the following message over the weekend:

ISIS Warning

Hmm. There’s two ways you can look at this really – either as a warning that ISIS are actually going to end up attacking someone pretty soon, or as another indicator that ISIS are fucked and that they’re getting really desperate.

Of course, both of these options could also be true as they kind of back each other up, so it’s probably the best practice to be extra vigilant right now, especially if you’re living in France at the moment. There have been several ‘lone wolf’ attacks all over the world recently that have allegedly been inspired by ISIS – although whether or not they actually were is anybody’s guess – and this call to arms could inspire another one. Be careful.

To make you feel better about it though, here’s an ISIS fighter blowing himself up with a rocket launcher. That’s what we want to see.


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