ISIS Bride Shamima Begum’s Father Blames The UK For Allowing Her To Flee To Syria

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Sure this will get her back into the UK.

It’s been at least a couple of days since we’ve heard anything from the ISIS bride Shamima Begum, but now her dad has come out and said something that’s probably the dumbest statement made during the whole debacle.

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Begum’s father Ahmed Ali was speaking to the Associated Press in the Bangladeshi district of Sunamganj, where he lives with his second wife (fair play for tracking him down). He still believed that the UK should let her return, saying that the country had failed to deal with the issue of students running away to join ISIS. I’m not really one to excuse the government of their duties, but is this really something that they need to prioritise? Surely most people can figure out that running off to join a terrorist organisation in a war torn country isn’t going to be the best use of their time?

Anyway, here’s what Ahmed had to say about all of it:

My child was only 15 years old when she fled, she was immature.

I would ask the British Government not to cancel her citizenship, to return her citizenship, and if she is guilty, bring her back to Britain and give her punishment there.

One girl went there a month ago, most likely a month ago. The British Government should have been alarmed about the matter, and they should have also inquired at the school to find out how she fled, since she was a student.

Then a month later, three more students fled. The authorities should investigate at the school why these students fled. They were not adults. ‘The British immigration system is very informed, the most informed system in the world. I always say how did (Shamima) get there using another one’s passport?

She doesn’t even have her own passport. These matters should be investigated as well.

I mean I suppose not having a passport is a bit of a red flag, but is it really the fault of her school that she decided to jump ship and get away with it? Probably not. Also it’s probably pretty easy to use a fake passport as nobody ever really checks that stuff do they? Well maybe after Brexit they will, but not now. Zing!

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