ISIS Has Banned Women From Wearing Burkas



As many people reading this will know, the burka is a staple of extreme Islamic society as women are not allowed to be seen in public without wearing one, but in a pretty much unbelievable turn of events though, ISIS have now banned the burka due to the amount of assassination attempts that their chiefs have faced in recent times from people wearing them. Talk about hypocritical.

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The burka ban isn’t enforced everywhere though you’ll be relieved to hear – it’s only going to come into force in security centres in the northern city Iraqi city of Monsul where important generals might be present, and women will still be required to wear gloves and gauze over their eyes. So it’s not really that much better for them and possibly worse – they’re also still going to be required to wear burkas out in the streets too of course.


The change in policy came after two high ranking commanders were apparently killed in the city by a woman wearing a burka and wielding a pistol. Clearly the lives of important leaders within ISIS are now more important than whatever Muslim laws they claim to be following. Go figure.

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To be honest, it sounds like ISIS is kinda fucked from everything we’ve been hearing from them recently, and abandoning one of their key principles in light of security threats is only more evidence of this. Hopefully it won’t be too long until they’re completely obliterated.


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