A book by Dr. Martha Stout has suggested that 1 in 25 people are sociopaths, meaning that you’ll probably be familiar with a good few of them in your life. Is it your best friend, boss or boyfriend?

Do you think your best friend, boyfriend or boss could be a sociopath? Well you may be right according to the latest statistics.

‘The Sociopath Next Door,’ a book written by Dr. Martha Stout suggests that your local ‘sociopath’ may be closer to you than you think, with her theory that 1 in 25 people are “consciousless” sociopaths.  And with Facebook’s statistic’s showing that the average person has around 130 Facebook friends, this means you could already be получить займ на карту без отказа in contact with five sociopathic individuals.

Many of you may be shaking your head in disagreement and scoffing at such findings; however you will probably have the view that the sociopath is often a murderer, rapist or sadistic violent human being.

However the sociopath can be defined merely as an individual who lives without a conscience, meaning that no matter what they do, they are unlikely to feel any sign of remorse of guilt about their actions. In my opinion, many sociopath’s have gone into careers such as PE teaching. Remember the humiliation, the remarks and cold hearted orders to run around that freezing park? Well you can safely say they never felt one measly ounce of guilt about these things and slept like a baby afterwards.

The sociopath will not hold back on how they feel about a person or situation, so nasty remarks and snarling put-downs are most commonly told by such characters. They have no empathy or affection towards human beings or animals and will easily violate others with no consideration towards that person’s basic rights.

Although most serial and sadistic animal killers can be found to have characteristics of the sociopath, so can managers, bosses, teachers and your next door neighbour.

According to Dr. Stout there are also many different types of sociopaths. These include the domineering and controlling sociopath who wishes to have ultimate control and power over another other person. There is also the sociopath who tries to be your friend and is manipulative, snake-like and would back-stab you in seconds in order to achieve something they want.

It is not easy to suss out every sociopath. Some are overtly charming, sharply dressed and appear to have a grandiose sense of self. Their ability to lie coolly and manipulate others could easily fool you in seconds.

A study by the Daily Mail also recently discovered that Business Leaders are also more likely to be ‘psychopaths’ than the general population. Gulp.

So if you know anyone who withholds any of these characteristics listed, then at least you have the comfort of knowing that it is the few positive experiences in their lives that stops them from becoming an actual serial killer.

Let’s hope our bosses mother had the heart to praise them on they’re generally terrifying crayon drawings in nursery.


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